Video Marketing Made Easy September 21, 2017, 1:00pm EDT September 21, 2017, 1:00pm EDT
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Videos are now a digital marketing must. Nearly 50% of consumers say they’ve made a purchase as a result of watching a video on social media, and video will account for over 80% of internet traffic by 2020.

But the thought of making videos can be overwhelming. Rest assured that ANYONE can create them.  Expensive equipment and fancy studios are no longer a requirement.  

In this session, Digital Marketing Expert Sherry Bonelli will discuss the importance of video marketing to your business. She will cover:

  • The types of videos you can create
  • How to create videos with your smartphone
  • The easy-to-use video platforms (like, Facebook Live and YouTube Live) you can use to engage your future customers
  • Software tools that can make your video production easy
  • Affordable gadgets that allow you to record and create videos like a pro


About the Presenter(s)

Sherry Bonelli - Early Bird Digital Marketing

Sherry Bonelli, owner of early bird digital marketing, is a nationally recognized local SEO expert and digital marketing professional. She is a recognized national presenter, speaking at industry events, webinars and podcasts, and she's a guest columnist for some of the leading SEO and digital marketing websites.

Owner, early bird digital marketing
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