Dana, a young nursing mother, was using a nipple shield to help her new baby nurse. These shields, of course, go into the baby’s mouth, so keeping them clean was essential. Struggling with looking for them in purses and diaper bags and around the house, Dana needed something to keep these shields clean and easy to find. Looking at the marketplace yielded no suitable answer. So, Dana set out to find a container that would keep the shield from damage, and contamination and be easy to find. A container was soon developed to perfectly accommodate the shield and store and protect it between feedings. It was colorful and easy to find. The Shield Shell™ is a new product available just for breastfeeding moms.


My successes. 

Sales were successful from the start, and January of 2012 marked the sale of the 1000th Shield Shell™. In addition, Shield Shells™ were originally available in four colors: Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Green. But due to the popularity of her product, Shield Shells™ is now available in nine colors, with plans to add more colors in the next several months.

How SCORE helped. 

At this point, Dana contacted the local SCORE office with her ideas and her product and for help with establishing her business. The SCORE mentors, Alice Dial, Bill Slatin & Mike Mintz, began by helping her decide which entity to use for her company. After her second SCORE meeting, as of December 1, 2010, she was officially in business. Because this enterprise was self-funded, sales efforts could begin immediately.

What's great about my mentor? 

Dana is a self-starter and is persistent in the pursuit of her ideas. She had great ideas on her own but credits her SCORE mentors with aiding in her success. She says, “SCORE was instrumental in making my small business a reality. They provided information, advice, hand-holding and just plain “ego-boosting”. I couldn’t have come this far without them. I recommend their services to anyone thinking of starting a business or need advice with an existing business

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