Our business started from a problem I had in my neighborhood - a house on my block was burglarized four times in one month!  I asked a police officer who lives on my block, Lieutenant Dan Green, to help us catch this persistent burglar.  We were able to catch him within a week, and this gave me a feeling of empowerment.  For the first time, I felt like we could actually do something about the crime instead of being sitting ducks waiting for the next burglary. 

A few of my neighbors started pitching in to hire Lieutenant Green to do extra patrols.  Soon we were contacted by the King Park Area Development Corporation.  They had heard about what we were doing and wanted patrols for all of King Park's neighborhoods instead of just the one we lived in.  At that point we learned that we needed to set up an official company in or to purchase liability insurance and protect the neighbors from liability.

Lieutenant Green introduced me to Detective Kevin Lauerman who had an interest in forming a patrol company, and we proceeded to set up the Safe Indy Company.  King Park was our first client and we have grown by word of mouth since then.

My successes. 

The biggest measure of success for us will be effectiveness.  In King Park we have seen a marked decrease in crime since we began the patrol program.

The second most important measure of success will be our ability to provide sufficient income to ourselves, our admin staff and our off-duty police officers, many of whom depend on this extra income to support their families.

We have already enjoyed overwhelmingly positive media attention.  We have been contacted several times by newspaper and television stations about our patrol programs.  The links are listed below:

Nov 13, 2014
RTV6 (ABC)/The Indy Channel - Derrick Thomas

King Park residents use safety patrols to keep criminals at bay.

June 27, 2014
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Neighbors pool money for police patrols

January 9, 2013
The Weekly View Community Newspaper - Ethel Winslow

Making Indy Safer

September 17, 2012
The Indy Star - John Tuohy

Residents hiring their own subscription police in response to decreased IMPD presence

September 25, 2012
Northwest Herald


August 10, 2012
WTHR 13 - Emily Longnecker

Public safety cooperatives help keep neighborhoods secure


How SCORE helped. 

SCORE has helped in immeasurable ways, from practical tools to problem solving to ongoing feedback and encouragement.

What's great about my mentor? 

Wow, where do we begin?  We have been extraordinarily lucky to have not only one fabulous mentor but three!  We could not begin to list what is great about each in this short space, but the number one thing that comes to mind whenever I think of our SCORE Mentors is SUPPORT.  We feel constantly supported and this is an amazing benefit for small businesses that sometimes feel on shaky ground or discouraged when facing a roadblock.

Unlike other mentoring services, SCORE mentors really give 100%.  Our mentors are accessible anytime, not just in our scheduled in-person meetings, but also by text and email.  They have opened their contact lists to us to try to connect us with others who can help push us forward.  They seem to really believe in us, and that helps us believe in ourselves even if we are having a rough month.  George Clinton's enthusiasm and encouraging text messages have been especially invaluable to keep us moving forward.

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